Which are the best deodorants? Practical tips for an aware choice

Do you use deodorants? It’s the most used product in a person’s hygiene routine: after shower or if you are out during the day, many of us have always the deodorant with, for every occasion. But, which are the best deodorants?

Normally, it’s difficult to understand which kind of deodorant is respectful for your skin, light, fresh and strong in every situation, with a pleasant perfuming… Maybe we pretend too much? No, we don’t. It’s important to focus and choose products with safe ingredients, both for you and for the environment.

How to respect the dermis of the underarms, when sweating and not only: 3 useful tips

The dermis of your underarms is very delicate, where the sudoriparous glands and sometimes subjected to irritations. How to take care of them? Here 3 useful tips:

  1. Personal delicate hygiene: avoid to use aggressive and concentrate detergents, that could cause irritations. Choose a natural and delicate showergel, with a respectful pH of the skin.
  2. Wear comfortable and in natural fiber clothes: your skin has to correctly “breath”, so avoid synthetic clothes, potentially allergenic and too close-fitting clothes, that don’t allow a properly transpiration.
  3. Choose the best deodorants for your underarms. If you have clicked many times on “the best antiperspirant deodorants”, warning: it’s not always the best choice. In fact, a proper product should respect your delicate underarms skin, without blocking the perspiration.

The ideal choice is a natural deodorant, without some ingredients and environmentally friendly: we will discover it very soon.

Which ingredients should be better to avoid in a deodorant? Look at the INCI…

Some ingredients that it should be better to avoid are, for example:

  • Aluminum salts, contained in many antiperspirant deodorants: often, their action can avoid the physiological perspiration, causing inflaming or swelling of the sudoriparous glands. In fact, the aluminum salts make an astringent action, in order to make temporally inactive the sudoriparous glands.
  • Some chemical preservatives (such as parabens, potentially toxic)
  • Colorants, alcohol and synthesis perfumes, potentially allergenic.
  • Antibacterial such as Triclosan, which potentially toxicity is interested in scientifical researches.

Instead, it’s better to choose a natural deodorant with these characteristics:

Trust in the best organic deodorants with 100% natural ingredients, that don’t block the perspiration, but they don’t prevent the proliferation of the bacteria responsible for the sweating.

In order to respect your skin and the natural perspiration, in the formulation of the best deodorants there aren’t ingredients as aluminum salts.
As previously said, opt for formulations without alcohol, colorants, preservatives or synthetic perfumes, for a more sustainable choice.

Here there are three kind of deodorants for every need

You can choose which natural deodorant do you prefer, generally there are at least three cosmetic shapes:

Spray deodorants

They use the nebulization and they don’t need a direct application on the skin. In order to properly use the product, it’s recommended to nebulize to some centimeters to the skin properly cleaned, for a couple of seconds.

Roll-on Deodorants

They can be applied directly on the skin, “slipping” delicately on the underarms, for a homogeneous distribution on the cleaned skin. This deodorant is comfortable for travellers or for people who frequently travel, thanks to its small and practical shape.

Solid deodorants in compact cream

They appear as solid cream, to apply and collect in small quantities and to apply directly on the skin, massaging until it’s completely absorbed.

Discover which are the best deodorants with Officina Naturae’s proposals

Personal hygene and body care are sensitive topics for Officina Naturae team and we work hard every day in order to realize products with safe raw materials for you and for the environment. For this reason, we have thought about different solutions of deodorants for every occasion.

Discover the Natural Deodorants of Officina Naturae with their delicate and natural action

Are you looking for the best stick deodorants for you? We invite you to have a look at Innovattivi deodorants line: the Sea Wave Deodorant in spray and roll on versions and Garden in Bloom Deodorant, either spray, either roll on version, obstacle the proliferation of bacteria, that they are normally on the underarms zone and contrast bad smell thanks to a totally natural ingredient.
In particular, the Sea Wave Deodorant has a delicate formula with biological extracts of Sage and Chamomile, that has a lenitive, calming and mitigate action. The Garden in Bloom Deodorant is perfect for very easily irritated skins, thanks to the biological extracts of Thyme and Rice, with emollient and lenitive properties.
These products deodorize in a natural way, guaranteeing a pleasant sensation of freshness. Moreover, they are free of some ingredients, such as Alcohol, Aluminum salts or Triclosan, because they are aware products, ideal for respecting people and the Planet.

Discover the characteristics of Officina Naturae solid deodorants, natural and plastic free

The Solid Deodorant of CO.SO. line of Solid Cosmetics will amaze you!
You can choose between Gusty, Vanity, Chic and Verve. If you have allergies, the Deo CO.SO. Neutral is without perfume and it’s perfect for you.
The formula are totally natural and vegan. The Hamamelis extract helps to regulate the perspiration, instead the impalpable Sodium Bicarbonate helps to regulate the skin pH and to reduce the proliferation of bacteria responsible for bad smell, without irritating the skin.
The deodorant presents itself as a compact cream, without Aluminum salts, colorants or preservatives. Shape and packaging are very comfortable: you can bring your deodorant with you everywhere, without any worries of spilling liquids. Moreover, the pack is made of 100% Aluminum recycled and recyclable, so it’s completely plastic free!
You can notice that the right deodorant for you exists and you have a lot of choice! With Officina Naturae suggested products you can face your days with freshness and protection at your… underarms!

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