The awarded Solid Cosmetics CO.SO. in 2020

When we created the CO.SO. Solid Cosmetics, we never imagined that, after just one year of marketing, two of these cosmetics would be awarded! For us it was an unexpected recognition but it gratified us for all our efforts in persevering along a path already underway: the reduction of packaging waste.

Where did the award come from?

It was the Bio & Consumi magazine, which periodically deals with disseminating information on organic in the B2B context, to notice something new and innovative among our plastic free proposals. Every year the editorial staff promotes events in which products from the food and beauty sector are awarded, worthy of note for their composition, formulas, production and packaging, among those recommended by the companies themselves.

La premiazione dei Bio Awards 2020

The Solid Purifying Face Cleanser CO.SO. won at the Bio Awards 2020

The first surprise arrives in October. During the SANA Restart organic fair, in Bologna on 9, 10 and 11 October 2020, Bio & Consumi is organizing the fifth edition of the “Bio Awards – The awards of excellence awarded by retail“.
And for the Cosmetics Section, in the Face Cleansing category, our CO.SO. Purifying Solid Face Cleanser is the winner!
Fantastic news which makes us really happy and leads us to relaunch our solid face cleanser to the public of our consumers, many of whom have appreciated it from the very beginning.

The Strengthening and Brightening Solid Shampoo CO.SO. wins at the Ecopackaging Awards 2020

The second occasion of joy for us comes on the occasion of the B / Open, the new organic fair, scheduled in Verona on 23 and 24 November. Veronafiere and Bio & Consumi, organizers of the “Ecopackaging Awards”, want to reward companies that make economic and research investments to design increasingly green packaging. The fair is postponed due to the pandemic but it is decided to proceed with the awards ceremony via videoconference. The jury, which evaluates the packaging of the products in terms of materials and design, is composed of: a professional designer, a university design teacher, a marketing expert, a visual artist and the Director of Bio & Consumi, Angelo Frigerio.
Invited to participate, our emotion is skyrocketing when the turn of the awards ceremony for the Body Cleansing category arrives: the CO.SO. the winner is proclaimed!

From a simple idea to an extraordinary revolution

For us it is a source of great pride! Everything stems from a simple idea. The packaging of our CO.SO. is essential, a case in FSC mix natural cardboard, 100% recyclable and without internal plastic film. It is only necessary for the marketing of products. Once recycled, the only packaging of the product remains the product itself, which, being solid, needs nothing but a support, on which it must be allowed to dry well.
Thus, while the Face Cleanser requires a loofah disk or a “solid door” (which we have specially designed in compostable material), in the Solid Shampoo the only functional accessory element, which replaces the “packaging” of the product, is a natural cord in soft hemp, which crosses it, allowing it to be suspended.
This design, which, at a superficial glance, seems obvious, well represents the concept of less is more. Its essentiality allows to avoid up to two plastic bottles of liquid product of 150 ml. Packaging that normally takes up space and often ends up in our aquatic environments, rather than in the separate collection of plastic.
Even dry, the solid is much more practical, because it can be transported on the go, without the need for a specific container.

The most loved solid cosmetics by our customers

Our most attentive consumers immediately noticed these and the virtues also demonstrated by the performance of our solid cosmetics, learning to distinguish them from common soaps. The Strengthening and Illuminating Solid Shampoo is currently considered a natural solid shampoo among the best for stressed hair and worn out by smog and colors.
The Purifying Solid Face Cleanser is appreciated above all for its delicacy: it is a real purifying face cleanser in solid form for combination skin, which washes away impurities, without leaving the feeling of dry skin that tightens.

Those who love a zero waste and plastic free daily hygiene routine welcomed them right from the start and they quickly became two of our best sellers!
These two awards are, therefore, a recognition that comes to us in a completely natural way and is the confirmation that, with the CO.SO.line, we have taken the right direction towards the reduction of waste and plastic.

Join us on this exciting journey and move towards solid cosmetics!

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