How to use the solid beard shampoo

Wearing beard, today, it’s a lifestyle. Beard no longer gives a shabby look, quite the opposite, it marks the personality, the mood of the moment, the personal style. You can wear it short ( the three-days beard), medium-long and long (hipster style), shape it or reduce it to just a goatee. The important thing is to always have it in place. If you are wondering how to have an well-finished beard, we suggest you to start from its hygiene.

The beard makes you feel more “cool”, it gives you a distinguished look or just makes you comfortable raising it. But it’s a clean beard that definitely makes you feel better. To thoroughly cleanse it use a beard shampoo, the best shampoo you can possibly find on the market. It’s likely that so far, not knowing which detergent to use, you’ve tried them all, including soap and hair shampoo. Don’t worry, it’s a common mistake not to repeat and we’ll explain why.

Why use beard shampoo instead of hair shampoo?

Maybe you’ve already tried to wash your hair with a common body wash, with the result of finding an uncontrollable mess on your head. Or you’ve already had that burning sensation in your eyes from the shampoo in the shower.
This is because each product has its own formula and must be used according to the function for which it was created. In addition, each part of our body has a different pH, although always acidic.
A hair shampoo, in fact, is designed to remove excess sebum produced by hair bulbs.
Its surfactants (detergent ingredients) are suitable for this purpose and must respect the specific physiological balance of the scalp. So, if you try to wash your beard with a hair shampoo, you’ll end up drying your beard a lot and depriving yourself the underlying skin of the hydrolipidic film necessary to maintain good health, risking its exfoliation. To avoid these effects, you can rely on the best beard shampoo with a specific pH for face and beard and, therefore more delicate than a common shampoo but at the same time effective.
The Solid Beard and Face Cleanser CO.SO. Men’s Collection, reflects these characteristics:
being also solid, it is formulated not as a soap but as a real liquid face cleanser without water and respects the pH of the beard and the underlying skin.

How to use the beard and face cleanser

It is better not to neglect the cleaning of the beard, because it can be a receptacle of bacteria and have an unpleasant smell in the long run.
The reasons are varied and depend on:

  • smoke
  • nutrition
  • dust, smog, pollen during outdoor activities
  • tendency to touch the beard
  • excessive sweating
  • sneezing and coughing

For all these reasons, the best beard shampoo must perform the function of thoroughly cleanse the beard but in a delicate way. If you don’t know which shampoo to choose from, prefer a natural beard shampoo, such as Officina Naturae Beard and Face Cleanser, which has at least these requirements:

  • a good washing base, which foams without exceeding, able to remove excess sebum, respecting the balance of the skin,
    do not irritate and do not create itching or dandruff;
  • high-quality ingredients, possibly natural, moisturizing, nourishing and emollient which leave the beard soft and do not weigh down;
  • a fragrance which is not too persistent and which is similar or identical to the scent of other shaving products so as to not to create unpleasant mixes.

How to use the beard shampoo

Now that you know you don’t have to use other products, get specific beard shampoos and conditioner.
Organize your perfect routine for cleansing your beard according to the steps we show you:

1° step (optional)
to grow your beard thicker and more uniform, before using the beard shampoo, rub the beard with castor oil, a 100% natural product, which decongests pores and activates circulation, providing oxygen and stimulating growth;

2° step
wet the beard with warm water, not cold, so that the pores of the skin dilate for better cleaning;

3° step
in moistened hands, with a small amount of detergent, create a enough foam to massage well and deep into the beard,
from the root of the beard to the ends;

4° step
rinse abundantly, always with warm water, eliminating all traces of detergent;

5° step
tampon with a towel or a soft cloth, possibly in natural fiber, without rubbing, so as not to dehydrate and irritate the skin;

6° Step
apply a leave in beard balm as the Beard Balm CO.SO., not to be rinsed,
with your hands or with the help of a shaving comb, to soften and perfume the beard in a natural way.

Frequent questions about beard shampoo

Do you still have doubts about beard shampoo? Let’s anticipate some and give you some comprehensive answers.









You figured out that for us the best shampoo for beard is our Solid Beard and Face Cleanser CO.SO., but how to use the solid shampoo?
Simply in the same way, rubbing the stick in your hands and creating, in this way, the foam.
A solid beard shampoo, like this, lasts a lot and saves you up to two bottles of liquid detergent!

When is it better to use beard shampoo? The best time to clean your beard is in the evening, after showering, when the pores of the epidermis are more dilated and you have more time to dedicate to this routine. The ideal frequency is every two to three days.
You can use it, of course, whenever you feel the need for freshness or want to feel in order but as long as your beard cleanser
is natural, gentle and suitable for frequent use.

Are you looking for a long-beard shampoo?
No matter how long your beard is, the important thing is to complete every step dedicated to cleansing your beard with care and in depth,
without neglecting an inch and without haste.

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