The Officina Naturae Team lands in Sweden!

Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden by number of inhabitants, is the new “port”, where our team will disembark for two days, in November, to introduce the “world” of sustainable products from Officina Naturae.
In fact, our first opportunity has arrived to participate at NOFF, better known as Eco Living Scandinavia & the Nordic Organic Food Fair, the most northern organic fair in Europe.

NOFF 2022: why so north?

You may be wondering: why up to Sweden? Because there are no borders to make our reality known and we know that the sensitivity towards products with an organic, eco-compatible and ethical supply chain is very accentuated in the countries of Northern Europe.
We had never gone that far, until this year we decided to make ourselves known to a new audience who, we are sure, will welcome both our new products and our more “classic” products with enthusiasm.
If you are in those parts, here is where and when you can find us:

16 and 17 November 2022 at STAND N31H

This is the address of NOFF 2022: Mässgatan 6 215 32 Malmö, Sweden

What to expect at NOFF 2022

The Nordic Organic Food Fair promises to be more than just a trade fair. It is a real event that wants to increasingly promote the principles of sustainability in every context, not just that relating to the food sector, which is certainly the area on which most of the attention is focused.
The fair aims to be a point of reference for the industry that supports virtuous production and will therefore also be an opportunity for training, socialization and new synergies between companies that do business.

What we will bring to Malmö

In Malmö we certainly want to bring our desire to make our small but passionate reality known. We want to bring our experience, a quality that is increasingly difficult to find in a sector so exposed to globalization. We will bring our natural and organic cosmetics and we will look forward to presenting our lines of solid cosmetics, until we also introduce our latest creations, which border on eco-sustainable home cleansing.
What will we take back? Definitely a wonderful experience, new friendships and new collaborations, certain to find interest and to share the fruit of our work with another part of the world.

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