Meet us at SANA 2022 in Bologna

Let’s imagine you are waiting for this event as much as we are! Because, whether you are a simple consumer or an operator in the sector, if your passion is natural and organic products, you cannot miss the event of the year: SANA, the International Exhibition of Organic and Natural, which this year reaches its 34th edition.

SANA 2022: where and when you can find us

Our participation is certain, because among all the exhibitors of Sana 2022, perhaps we feel the strongest belonging to this world the most. In fact, since 2004, the year of the birth of Officina Naturae, we have been producing natural and organic cosmetics and detergents, without ever having had any second thoughts. And you can’t skip the visit to our stand! Here are the dates and the place to find us:

From 8th to 11th SEPTEMBER 2022 you will find us at STAND B5-C6, HALL 26

The SANA 2022 fair takes place as always in the Bologna fair district. To find out where our pavilion is located, look at the map.

SANA 2022 tickets: how to find them

As in previous years, safety is given top priority, which is why tickets can only be purchased online. To find out how much the ticket for the Bologna fair costs, we advise you to inquire on the SANA website.

The news of Officina Naturae at the organic fair

Like every year, this great event is an opportunity for us to launch new products. This is because we like to have immediate feedback from the simple curious and our loyal customers! This is the time to understand if we are going in the right direction. What will be the direction this year? We will understand it only at the fair.

Put your visit to our stand on your agenda immediately to discover all the extraordinary news, touch them, smell them and tell us what you think!

If you are curious about our world, we will tell you about us and we will show you the products that have changed the lives of many people, such as the path taken with solid cosmetics, imitated by everyone since 2019.
If you already know us and are our customer, you will not want to miss our news and the surprises we have for you!
In particular, if you are a retailer, we give you some advice: don’t stop just to “look”, there will be many surprises for you too and that will be the best time for a direct and authentic contact, to tell us about you, your story. and your expectations!

For us SANA is ultimately the goal, reached which, first we turn back to look, together with you, at what has been done so far and, then, we turn our gaze forward to capture a new horizon, to always reach together with you: the horizon of our natural and organic world. Are you chasing it with us?

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