The ICEA Eco Organic Cosmetics certified most advanced formulas by Officina naturae allowed to design a product line with high performances for the body and hair wellbeing.

They are active products, with a fine and persistent foam and mild non-invasive fragrances, which make the body care a true moment of pleasure.

Realised with the most innovative and delicate vegetable origin surfactants. Sulphate-free. They gently cleanse, respecting the hydrolipidic film of the skin and the structure of hair, even the stressed and damaged ones.

The synergy among AQSAVE® and ProStructure® phyto complexes, from Italian raw materials, and the organic vegetable extracts makes each product active and highly efficacious.



Innovative DEODORANTS, with vegetable organic extracts, which work without preventing the natural perspiration. Gently scented to respect also the most sensitive body parts.