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Neutralising Softener

With vegetable waxes


Based on vegetable raw materials, it reduces allergy risks.

It is delicate, revitalising and perfumed with essential oils and scents.

Among its ingredients, this product includes the Citric Acid which improves the softening action, removing limescale residues from clothes and neutralising the electric charge normally produced on fabrics after being washed.


Thickeners, pearlants, colourings, animal-derived ingredients free.

The product is quickly, easily and so, totally biodegradable.


Nickel tested




Ingredients: Aqua, Esterquat, Citric Acid, Parfum, Citronellol, Geraniol.



Bioplastic 1 litre bottle (20 loads)

Bioplastic 4 litres jerry can (80 loads)


Silvia Cazzaniga

Profumo delicato e capi morbidi, ottimo!

Silvia Piaia

Paola Bredy

Giada Gastaldello

Lara Rinaldi


Associazione Sconfinando

Alessia Fariello

Ne ho provati tanti, poi ho trovato questo che oltre a durare veramente tanto ( ne basta veramente poco) lascia i capi morbidi senza la sensazione del detersivo tra le trame dei capi. Io lo consiglio, soprattutto a chi è titubante sul prezzo.

Officina Naturae's reply

Grazie, Alessia, per il tuo bel consiglio! ;)

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