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Aqua, nepeta cataria extract, malaleuca alternifolia oil, azadirachta indica seed oil, apium graveolens oil, lavandula hybrida oil, alcohol.

Spray evenly over the hair, in case of long hair distribute the product, rubbing against fur. Repeat one or two times a week during summer and once a week in winter.


On Persian, long or thin hair cats, it is recommended only as a pretreatment to spray all over the hair and leave for 10 minutes, after that wash with Dodo Treating Shampoo.



Insect repellent Protective Lotion

250 ml



Innovative fluid repellent rich in vegetable oils, including Nepeta cataria, whose insect-repellent features are superior to an equivalent synthesis product.

Enriched with Tea Tree, Melaleuca, Apium and Lavender essential oils that enhance the effect against unwanted guests.


Also suitable for animals like horses, ferrets, rabbits, etc.


The fluid leaves the hair shiny, without weighing it down.

250 ml