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Our Bleaching Percarbonate is not an ordinary one!


Percarbonato Sbiancante

It is indicated to blench and to sanitize laundry, tableware and common use accessories, the Bleaching Percarbonate (Officina Naturae or Solara), is not a common percarbonate, but it has an exclusive and potentiated formula, enriched by Silicates and Phosphates; it sweetens the water, improving the laundry efficacy and allowing to reduce the detergent dose.

This formulation minimizes one of the problems caused by the only use of the pure Sodium Percarbonate: the Sodium Percarbonate creates Sodium Carbonate salts during the action, they are deposited on clothes, making them harder and unpleasant for skin.

The inclusion of sequestrants in the Officina Naturae formula leaves the clothes more soft and pleasant.


Our Bleaching Percarbonate has a higher stability in time thanks to the sequestrants used. The pure Sodium Percarbonate tends to lose efficacy, because of the continuous oxygen transfer.

The sequestrants used are perfectly soluble and they do not cause environmental and drains issues such as zeolites, that are ingredients commonly used in detergent to sweeten water, but they are absolutely insoluble and they cause white scabs in drainpipes.


Our Bleaching Percarbonate is particularly indicated for washable diapers. It sanitizes, bleaches and removes stains at 40 °C and it does not contain enzymes, surfactants or optical bleaches.