an Aware Christmas

Have you already seen the beautiful new Christmas Gift Boxes 2017? This year they are really special, because whoever will receive them, will find a surprise inside: a Christmas Star!


Stella di Natale Officina Naturae

Not an ordinary Christmas star, but a decoration to hang on the Christmas tree, made with the cardboard recovered from our packaging scraps!


We want this Star to carry a message.

First of all, the attention to reuse, to reduce processing scraps and waste.

And not least the attention to the human being. So, we asked the Social Cooperative Campi d’Arte to realize this Christmas Star for us.

Cooperativa Campi d'Arte

Campi d’Arte is a social cooperative dealing with craftsmanship and educational services which operates across the East plain of Bologna. Here it collaborates with services and institutions of the territory for overcoming the conditions that may exclude from society the weaker people. Quality and integration are their goals: the services and products they produce are animated by the desire to build social and employment opportunities for people in fragile situations, especially people with disabilities and young people who live in unpleasant situations. All the Campi d’Arte productions are crafted and crafted at the San Pietro in Casale (Bologna - Italy) laboratory, where people with or without disabilities work together with their skills and abilities.


So, when you order a Christmas gift box from Officina naturae, do it with a smile and with this awareness: you are giving your beloved the smile of those who, with their own hands, have put so much love in the creation of this Christmas Star! :-)