On Tap Detergents

A practical and agile system that allows to manage a corner of on tap detergents in a small space. The system does not require to make stock of empty jerry cans or other packages.

Available sizes of 20 liters in cans with a tap in high density polyethylene. Cans’ dimensions are 40 x 24 x 29 cm. They must be laid on the long side, so they require a support surface at least 35 cm deep.

For the filling of the jerry cans, we provide you with flexible bags of 10 liters in capacity, which are used for charging the same cans.

The convenience and ease of this system is evident in comparison with refills made with cans or barrels, the operations are easier and warehouse is free from bulky empty packages.

We recommend the initial purchase of some packs of packaged bottles in order to encourage consumers to return and recovery of the empty bottles properly labeled.

We provide also a file for printing labels using pre-cut sheets commonly available in stationery.

The store manager is responsible for the sale of a product properly labeled according to law.