Natù line

Natù is an eco-friendly line of mild body care cosmetics.


The range includes an Intimate Cleanser, a Shower & Shampoo enriched with a vegetable conditioner, a Liquind Hand Soap and a Mild Unscented Cleanser, perfect for dry and sensitive skin, intimate hygiene, baby and kid’s skin care. The large size refill packs allow waste reduction, respect for environment and money saving.


All the products clean mildly without irritating skin and producing less foam.

All the ingredients are natural and formulated with surfactants of vegetable origin only, derived from Coconut oil and Corn starch.

They are scented with essential oils only. The “Mild Unscented Cleanser” is suggested for reducing allergy risks and in case of homeopathic treatments.


Petrochemicals or animal derived ingredients, SLS, SLES, synthetic fragrances and colourings free.

No tests were used – and requested – on animal, to experiment or develop Natù line.


All products are nickel tested.