Natù, one of our most appreciated line, is renewed and gets rich!

Who knows Officina naturae for a long time, recognizes Natù, the line dedicated to personal care.


Born in 2008 as a new Officina naturae’s cosmetic line, two years after Chiuri Butter cosmetic one, it was immediately appreciated by the more conscious consumers, such as families belonging to Ethical Purchasing Groups.

Why so appreciated? First of all, for its simple but advanced formulas, really innovatory for a time in which ecological cosmetics can be counted on one hand: from the beginning they were developed by avoiding the use of Sulfates and SLS, such as Sodium Coco Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, but also by avoiding colourants, parabens or synthetic fragrances. These formulas are still valued for their low environmental impact and their compatibility with the most delicate skins. For this reason, those who search for products formulated with few selected ingredients and want to cleanse their body with simplicity and sweetness, still rely on Natù.


Another reason that makes Natù the preferred line for those who love the environment, is the large selection of available sizes: they started off from the basic half-liter, with dispenser, followed by one liter, until arriving to the largest, firstly a softbox and most recently the four liter bioplastic jerry cane, obtained from responsibly cultivated sugar cane production.

This wide range has always made it possible to save a lot of money, but also to lower plastic packaging consumption and, as a consequence, to limit the use of oil as a fossil resource. One of Officina naturae’s commitments is always to follow the road of waste reduction and take care of our environment in many different ways!


Nuova linea cosmetici Natù

But after ten years, it’s time to change its look. For this reason we gave the line a brand new graphic design, which communicates more clearly the gentle and natural soul of Natù. And not only...


We have enriched the line by a new 200 ml size, smaller but also more practical for those who have little space or want to bring our product to the gym, pool or on the road.

Natù - nuovo Shampoo

The line has also expanded thanks to the brand new Shampoo, a really missing product! Certainly more pleasing to those who require a shampoo suitable for frequent washings but which guarantees an excellent result in terms of softness and elasticity of the hair, ensured by the effects of Rice proteins and Linseed oil.

Natù Nuovo Doccia Shampoo

And for those who have always found the Shower Shampoo comfortable, having two products in one, there’s something new: Shower Shampoo still remains on track but with a more powerful formula!

The Intimate Cleanser, Liquid Hand Soap and Delicate Fragrance Free Cleanser formulas remain unchanged. The latter has always been the best-seller product of the line: it lends itself to various uses as a neutral detergent basis – for example, it can be customized with essential oils – but, above all, it is well tolerated by allergic people and by those who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), a disease which is, unfortunately, in exponential growth and to which we have dedicated a special cosmetic line, the Ultra Gentle.


Summing up: a complete line ideal for the whole family, even for younger children, as well as for those with delicate skin.

Last outstanding issue is the approval by the new EcoBioControl guidelines: the whole line has been subjected to the control of the homonymous Scientific Committee which evaluates criteria of sustainability, ecology, effectiveness and respect for animals, meet by every ingredient used in the formulas and throughout the entire production process.


In this case we can say: whoever chooses Natù goes safe and does not leave it anymore! ;-)