Is your skin thirsty for news? Here comes the new Skin Care line!

Linea Skin Care Innovattivi

Surely during these last days you realized that in Officina naturae a new wave has arrived: the brand new Innovattivi Skin Care is here!


An absolute novelty, unique among Officina naturae cosmetics: a complete range of products created for the care of skin, face and body, essential for your daily routine. Four face creams, one serum in the practical airless size plus two products to cleanse your face and two body creams:

Siero Rinnovante Multiattivo Officina naturae

Multi-active Renewing Serum


with Hyaluronic Acid and Eruca Sativa

Crema Stop Age Elasticizzante

Elasticizing Stop Age Cream


with moisturizing and nourishing bioactives

Crema Delicata Riequilibrante

Relabalcing Cream


with stabilizing prebiotics and Organic Aloe

Crema Giorno Tonificante Protettiva

Refreshing Daily Cream


with Organic Argan

Crema Nutriente Viso e Décolleté

Nourishing Cream Face and Décolleté

with Organic Argan

Latte Detergente Officina naturae

Cleansing Milk


for Delicate Skin

Acqua Micellare Delicata

Delicate Micellar Water

with Organic Marigold (not available at the moment)

Crema Gambe Rinfrescante Defaticante Officina naturae

Relieving and Refreshing Leg Cream

with Organic Red Grapevine

Crema Corpo Nutriente Officina naturae

Nourishing Body Cream

with Organic Green Tea


They are rich emulsions, with specific functions, that act in depth, nourishing and hydrating, making the routine a pleasant moment of pampering for the skin. With these products it is easy to customize your daily routine, choosing the combination of the most suitable products for your skin type!


How to choose them? Just follow our advice! In each product sheet, already visible on the site, in the sections "Use Mode" and "You Know that", you can find our suggestions on how to choose and use skin care cosmetics.


Why them? Our skin care cosmetics are different:


Not just for ingredients but for formulas.

These are exclusive recipes, where every single ingredient is meticulously chosen, dosed and combined with others, after months and months of experimentation and research, according to the wisdom and experience acquired in years by our formulators. For this reason, they are unique formulas that are not place on the market before passing rigorous tests, such as Dermatological and Nickel one, and after obtaining the approval of strict disciplinary measures, such as EcoBioControl and ICEA.


The effectiveness of the ingredients is laboratory tested and the high level performances are guaranteed.

We use innovative prebiotics, which normalize the skin with problems and impurities, patented Italian phytocomplexes, developed with advanced technologies that guarantee a better efficacy, and also fine selected organic vegetable extracts.

With constant application, these cosmetics give to the skin of the face and body a luminous and compact appearance, helping to reduce the signs of aging and imperfections.



Try the brand new Skin Care by Officina naturae, then you can not do without it! ;-)