The time of our summer closure has come!

Chiusura estiva per Officina naturae


With the month of August it is time for us to take a break, at least for a while, just the time to recharge our batteries!


We will close our offices for holidays from Saturday 5th to Sunday 27th August included.


This year we will be off three weeks, not our usually two, to relax ourselves, to draw inspiration in the middle of the nature of our land, of far places or dear country ones. But also because we deserve it! :-)


However, we will be always thinking about you! ;-)


Our e-cart will be always operative for your orders, we will manage them as we’ll be come back, on Monday 28th August, following a chronological order. So our suggestion is not to wait until that day to purchase, or you’ll risk to be at the end of a list!

Anyway, we’ll make the possible to recover the wasted time.


On our social media Facebook and Instagram we will continue to entertain, so stay tuned!

At the end of August we’ll come back with lots of ideas more, passion and lots of news!


So we wish you to enjoy this Summer as best you can do, having fun and relax, whenever you are!



All at Officina naturae ;-)