Rimini's Summer Essentials line has been completed with 3 novelties!


Rimini's Summer Essential - cosmetic line


From today, RIMINI'S SUMMER ESSENTIALS line has been enriched by three new entries. They are THREE NEW ICEA Eco Organic Cosmetics certified SUNSCREEN FLUIDS, that have been added to the SPF 15 and 50 sunscreen fluids:

Crema Fluida Solare Viso SPF 15

SPF 15 FACE Sunscreen Fluid

Medium Protection, Airless Size

Crema Fluida Solare SPF 30 - nuova formula

NEW FORMULA SPF 30 Sunscreen Fluid

High Protection, Airless Size

Crema Fluida Solare Baby SPF 50

SPF 50 BABY Sunscreen Fluid

High Protection, Airless Size


We love the environment and we have always lived close to the marine coast. For this reason, we are determined to preserve our environment through theproduction of sunscreen fluids only with mineral and vegetable filters. In addition to be natural and ecological, the sun care line by Officina naturae have been designed to be safe on babies as well as adults’ skins and to be suitable for the different times of sun exposure. Moreover, to guarantee the safety and protection of the skin, we have developed and tested formulas with adequately dosed UVA and UVB filters, allowing nevertheless a good and even sun tan.


These protections contain the Italian organic Quinceextract, an ingredient that identifies also Biricco baby care line and that we have chosen to use also in these formulas, thanks to its exceptional soothing and calming properties – as examined in depth in an article inside our blog. In particular, the formula of our new SPF 50 Baby Sunscreen Fluid presents a greater quantity of this extract, making this product perfect for sensitive skins and for the skin of babies.


The utter addition inside our Face Sunscreen Fluid SPF 15 is Hyaluronic Acid, a well-known ingredient that helps to fight the appearance of skin ageing changes caused by sun exposure, such as wrinkles and spots, by protecting the skin from ageing.


Another big development is the airless bottle, a much more handy size for our new Face SPF 15 and Baby SPF 50 sunscreen fluids. It is easy to carry in the bag, in the kit for babies or for the beach or in the trekking backpack. This size keeps the bottle clean and the fluid perfectly stored.


Our sunscreen fluids do not contain chemical filters, parabens, silicones and fragrances. The absence of the latter has been done to prevent possible cases of skin sensitization or allergic reactions.


Prodotti doposole Officina naturae


Last but not least, there are our five after sun products – ShampooConditionerBody WashCream and Hair Oil, ICEA Natural Cosmetics certified. Inside them we have included a valuable gel, derived from the cladodes (flattened leaf-like stems) of the 100% Sicilian Prickly Pear. Its active substances are traditionally used as an emollient and moisturizing remedyuseful in all cases of reddened and stressed skin. The after sun products are ideal to refresh, cleanse and leave your skin and hair moisturized after a day in the sun.

In short, an EVEN MORE COMPLETE line that takes care of your skin and the earth in the sun! ;-)