The “INNOVATTIVI”, an advanced eco-organic cosmetic line

Innovattivi - cosmetic line


New season, new line of cosmetics at Officina naturae!

This time we implemented our most advanced formulas, to design a product line, even ICEA Eco Organic Cosmetics certified, with higher performances for the body and hair wellbeing.


New products are called “INNOVATTIVI” (innovative+active) for these reasons:


They are realised with the most innovative and delicate Sulphate-free vegetable surfactants. They gently cleanse, respecting the hydrolipidic film of the skin and the structure of the hair, even the stressed and damaged ones.


They are active and efficacious, thanks to the synergy among AQSAVE® and ProStructure® phyto complexes, from Italian raw materials, and organic vegetable extracts. The efficacy of the active vegetable origin ingredients AQSAVE® and ProStructure®, is laboratory-tested.


They are also characterised by a fine and persistent foamgentle and non-invasive fragrances, which make the body care a real moment of pleasure.


Here they are:

Officina naturae - Bagnoschiuma Pelle Vellutata

Concentrated Velvet Skin Body Wash

With organic Bearberry and Vanilla.

For a smooth and a soft skin.

Officina naturae - Bagnoschiuma Tonificante

Concentrated Tonic Body Wash

With revitalising and energising organic Green Tea and Common Grape Vine.

Officina naturae - Shampoo Capelli Delicati

Concentrated Shampoo for Fragile Hair

With ProStructure® (Walnut Husk), organic Achillea and antioxidant Vitamin E. Suited also for colour treated hair and oily hair.

Officina naturae  Balsamo Capelli Delicati

Concentrated Conditioner for Fragile Hair

With ProStructure® (Walnut Husk), organic Argan and Jojoba oils and Vitamin E.

It is a nourishing cream which protects and revitalises hair without weighing it down.

Officina naturae - Shampoo Capelli Stressati e Sfibrati

Concentrated Shampoo for Stressed and Damaged Hair

With AQSAVE® (organic Chestnut), organic Horsetail and Wheat proteins, which repair and protect the outer layer of the hair.

Officina naturae - Balsamo Capelli Stressati e Colorati

Concentrated Conditioner for Stressed and Coloured Hair

With AQSAVE® (organic Chestnut), organic Argan oil and Vitamin E. It’s a restructuring cream which repairs and nourishes stressed hair, even by hair straightener or dye.

Officina naturae - Intimo Delicato

Concentrated Gentle Intimate Wash

With organic Mallow, Marigold and Chamomile with soothing and calming well known features. It is designed for most sensitive mucosae, even in presence of intimate parts’ irritations.


The INNOVATTIVI line, includes also deodorants with vegetable organic extracts, which work without preventing the natural perspiration. They are gently scented to respect also the most sensitive body parts.


Officina naturae - Deodorante Onda Marina

Sea Wave Deodorant

With organic Sage and Chamomile.

Scented with active and marine notes for a total sensation of freshness.

Officina naturae - Deodorante Giardino Fiorito

Garden In Bloom Deodorant

With organic Thyme and Rice.

A bouquet of mild floral fragrances which ensures a pleasant day.



Beyond not containing Sulphates, the INNOVATTIVI, boast the total absence of parabens and silicones. They are also dermatologically and Nickel tested.


A real gust of innovation from nature for cosmetics and vitality for the body and the hair, in every season of the year, starting from now!