In Sardinia, the most beautiful (and fragile) beaches we visited!

In Sardinia, the most beautiful (and fragile) beaches we visited!

If you like sea and you have visited some beaches in the world, like us, you should have noticed that every beach is different from the other one and so are every sandy shore and every sea. It is normal to compare bathing sites, in fact it is said that some Italian beaches are like the Tropical ones! We suggest you some of them in this article where we talk about Sardinia, especially about the Sardinian North Coast


This coast includes precious and fragile places, chiseled by its winds and its marine flows. Each one of these places has a peculiarity that has to be preserved. Our itinerary to the most beautiful Sardinian beaches discovery, suggested by our dear Petra, starts from…


I Solari di Rimini sulla "spiaggia di chicchi di riso" I Solari di Rimini sulla spiaggia di Is Arutas


Is Arutas Beach

It is located in Sinis peninsula, East on Sardinia, in the province of Oristano. It is called the “beach of grains of rice” because of the granular sand that makes the sea real transparent. This kind of sand is composed by quartz grains beveled by seawater and it has tones from white to pink! Obviously also an immersion between fishes and Posidonia worths.


Fa da sfondo ai nostri doposole la Torre della Pelosa - Sardegna


La Pelosa in Stintino

On the North most part of Sardinia, in a land beach on the Asinara Gulf, there is a real famous beach. It is compared to the Maldives for its white shore and green/blue sea. Here, the sea has a low seabed, always calm, it is perfect for the baby bath. The Mediterranean forest almost reach the bank shore while the blue background is dominated by Asinara island.


Pelosetta shore

It is near the Pelosa shore, it is more little but very beautiful for its Carribean colours and in the background you can see the Pelosa island, where you can find the samename Aragonese Tower and you can reach it by walking when there is low tide.

We’d like to tell a fact: those shores are controlled by environment security guards (in a green uniform), as the Stintino municipality decided to strictly protect this sandy shore which is so particular and unique, but also in danger because of the high number of tourists (almost 5000 in a peak season day)! In fact, since summer 2018, people can not lie down the tarp without using a mat, to avoid the sand removal. Then, for the same reason, it is obligatory to wash the feet on the way out.

The district is also planning to replace the paved road behind the beach with a boardwalk, in this way sand dunes can move in a natural way.

Our advice is to not miss this natural beauty and plan to visit it when it is less crowded, always respecting the local rules!


Ancora i Solari di Rimini sulla vista della costa nord sarda


Asinara island

It is the location of the homonymic National Park and Protected Marine Area, so the reservation for visiting this place is obligatory: you can reach it by ferry boat or authorized boats and there you can move with authorized guides in jeep, train or bus. You can do some itinerary by walking, by bike or by rented electric car or by horse, always with a guide and never with a private machine.

Excursions are suggested to admire flora and fauna of Mediterranean forest (including the famous White Donkey), to see the coast towers or the historic maximum security prison, to observe some coves including the particular Cala d’Arena, famous for its pink sand. You can bath in the sea only in few places and it is suggested to bring a packed lunch.


The pink shore of Budelli

This precious shore is located in the homonymic island which is a private property, it belongs to the Maddalena archipelago on the North-East part of Sardinia.

A real paradise with a wild nature forbidden for tourists, because the past damages: the pink sand, from the crumbling of water micro-organism, was taken away by tourists. Now you can see the shore only from a distance on a boat, but you can not dock or swim. This is the price for a thoughtless use of our natural treasures!


Cala Coticcio

It is located in the Caprera island and it belongs to the Maddalena archipelago, the shore is nicknamed “the little Tahiti”. To visit it, it is recommended to use scooter or bike (if you have trained hard), because of the tight and curvy streets. Its main feature is the thin and white sand with a turquoise sea (that’s way the nickname). You can reach it by sea or by land following a very demanding itinerary: it takes 45 minutes of walking in the middle of Mediterranean forest, with hiking shoes, water supply and a deep respect for nature (you can not take away anything). It really worths: during the walk you can also meet boars and goats. When you arrive at Cala Coticchio you see an amazing show and you can do a memorable swim among fishes and starfishes!


Every corner of Sardinia is a real surprise! We have just travelled few steps but there are lots more. Find them out but always have respect for this uncontaminated nature! ;-)


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