‘I’m going to Mexico’: all you need to know!

‘I’m going to Mexico’: all you need to know!

Feel like leaving, desire of freedom, blue skies and clouds? A lot of songs suggest us... Mexico! Officina Naturae has been travelling to this fascinating place surrounded by seas, more precisely to the Yucatan peninsula, with Officina Naturae Sunscreens in the bag, here they are fundamental and you will find out why...


Here stops are required at the Maya archaelogical sites! Among these, the most famous is Chichén Itzá, UNESCO heritage site, where we took a photo of Quetzalcoatl temple, also called “El Castillo”. Between 500 a.C. and 1500 d.C. it was the centre of a bigger city where there were religious ceremonies, social, cultural and sport activities.

You will find out the secrets of this unique place during your journey, but we tell you a fun fact: nearby the temple there are seven fields to play “The Game of Pelota” of Maya, with stone rings into players had to throw the ball, like an ancient volleyball. Did you know that the team’s captain of the winning team… was sacrificed to gods? A weird celebration, isn't it? ;-)


The visit of Cobá pyramid is worth, 90 km east of Chichén Itzá, it is the only one that you can reach by walking. As we love being eco-friendly, we really liked this pyramid because reachable in various ways: by foot, rickshaw or by bicycle (the one we chose). Cycling in the woods was very suggestive.

The pyramid climbing was very demanding but when you get to the top, you can admire a large green wood for 360°!


In addition to archaeological sites, you can not miss visiting the natural parks and reserves, such as the natural reserve of Sian Ka’an biosphere, an UNESCO heritage site too. We chose fishermen’s boats to visit the reserve and here you can see the turtles going back up near boats, the dolphines that swim and play and you can observe different species of birds that nest in the park.

The reserve includes a part of Caribbean Sea coral reef, the second largest in the world: we can not forget the crystalline sea and the white shore… Swimming in a place so uncontaminated and diving in a natural swimming pool is such a great emotion! We did it!


About this we have to recommend you one thing: it is advised against using sunscreens with chemical filters in some parts of Mexico, especially on the the Yucatan peninsula coasts, that’s because some studies report harmful effects on the coral reef environment. So it is recommended using only sunscreens that respect the marine environment, like Officina Naturae's Sunscreens, that contain only physical filters!


You should use them if you dive, for example, among turtles: you could find yourself swimming near mummy turtle and her baby! How?

If you patiently wait the mum eating on the ocean floor, after five or ten minutes she’ll need to get to the surface to breathe. Observe, admire, wait and then, she’ll get to the surface in the nearby to breathe and then going back down. A big emotion!


In the end you have to visit Cenote! These are caves that guard sweet water reserves, with lakes connected by underground rivers for kilometers. You can find a lot of indications to reach these magical places. You pass from the free water areas to underground fresh areas, reach of stalactites and stalagmites.


These places represent a potable water source and in the past they had a sacred role, because there were sacrifices to gods. You can visit them by walking but the greatest feeling is diving in that fresh water and swimming in a very emotional environment… We did this too! ;-)


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