Holiday in the emerald green: in Ireland!

Holiday in the emerald green: in Ireland!

When you hear talking about the “Emerald Island”, you can not be wrong: it’s Ireland, that raises on the North part of Atlantic Ocean, permanently brushed by its flowing that confers a moist and variable weather. So, you can not imagine Ireland without unexpected clouds and drizzle over your face carried by the wind during a sunny day.

I Solari di Rimini - Conor Pass Irlanda

But, above all, Ireland makes you think about green lawns covered by clovers and separated by drywalls and hedges; cliffs on the sea; colorful cottages with thatched roofs; traditional and no traditional music, played at every corner and in every pub with golden sign; tight and wavy country roads; and friendly people who make you feel at home. Impossible not to fall in love with this place!


During summer, it is a most highly sought. For this reason, if you are dreaming about going there, we suggest you May and June, in order to find less tourists around and a less variable weather.


Rent in time a car (be careful at the left-hand drive!) or an house boat along rivers, such as Shannon, or even better, plan trekking or a bike tour on brief paths: the best way to find out the most secret and beautiful places. About public transports, you can count on railways and bus service, that, rented in time, are cheap, even though they do not cover all the territory.


Stay in bed & breakfast, most of all family-run: the welcome is amazing and from the owners, you can learn history, anecdotes and suggest places to go, that rarely are on the tourists guides. You’d better rent them far in advance during the summer. In other periods, except for the festive ones (Halloween, Christmas, San Patrick, Easther), you can venture and reserve them onsite at info points and you can look for them at each step.


All the must-see are indicated in the myriads of tourist guides available but a spending a couple of days in Dublin is obligatory, it is a lively and multicultural city, where music and art are the main characters. It is the place par excellence for the Irish nightlife, followed by Galway, Cork and Limerick, animated by students and young workers.


But if you want to lose yourself in the Irish heritage, the rich historical heritage, the sites worthing a visit are Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, Clonmacnoise, Glendalough, Rock of Cashel. All the Ireland is strewed of archaeological remains, mounds, stone circles, abbeys, castles, towers and fabolous stately homes (such as Muckross, Kylemore...) in whose green lawns get lost is a dream.

Borraccia Ecologica Officina dell'Acqua - Conor Pass Irlanda

But here the boss is nature. Still intact, concreting free, and modelled only by winds and sea erosion. You can admire the Cliffs of Moher, emblematic place in Ireland, populated by Puffins and discover the wild lands of Aran islands by bike and the two Ring of Kerry - Ring of Dingle, two rings that run around the shore of the two namesake peninsulas. Between these two, we prefer the second one (you can see some glimpses in the picture), less attended by tourists but equally exciting: infinite green lawns that dive on ocean cliffs and cobalt blue coves, the setting for some Star Wars episodes!


Ireland is one of our favourite destination and we visited it few weeks ago, we came back to Italy with an unusual tan… Latitude misleads and it makes sun look like harmless but it is always recommended to bring a hat and one good sunscreen (like a SPF 50 when the sun hammers!). Also the eco-friendly bottle is essential, loaded in the cargo luggage (as we did), you can refill it everyday before going out and it can save you from dryness: in this island it is very rare to find public fountains. The Irish people love beer. :-) And we love the environment!

Borraccia Ecologica Officina dell'Acqua - Dingle Irlanda


Summer 2018 has been recorded as unusual and hot in Ireland, with temperature until 27 °C, six degrees higher than the medium local temperatures of this season and not a drop of rain for weeks. This did not happen since 1976, and it is causing problems to Irish people who are not used to face dry weather for long time, the land is more arid and grazing animals are suffering. This emerald green is increasingly at risk!

For sure the fault is up to the climate change, caused by our not so eco-friendly actions and life style. For this reason, when we will be in Ireland, we have to be more careful to leave a softer footprint!


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