Taking care of kids: advice for the baby bath

Taking care of kids: advice for the baby bath


At the first ages, the baby bath is very important, both for the cleansing of its delicate skin and as a daily moment of play and cuddle. Since the first months the contact with water is not completely new to the baby, who lived before his birth in a very similar environment, in the mother's belly: now the baby bath will give the opportunity to the baby to play with water and, at the same time, to watch his mother from a different perspective.

Baby Bath: play and body wash

When to start bathing

Even if the child is already familiar with water, it is preferable to start taking a bath after the umbilical cord has fallen, so after about a week from birth. In this way, the desiccation and detachment of the cord is facilitated. In the meantime, to wash the baby you can gently dab his skin with a soft damp sponge.

When is the right time to take a baby bath

The ideal time to take a bath can be in the evening, before the last milk seed and before bed (not recommended after eating). At that moment, after a long day, the bath helps the baby to relax, even more if he does not like the contact with water very much, because in the evening hours he is more tired and less lively. It is recommended to do it every day, when the baby is in perfect health, while it should be avoided with cold, fever, otitis or colic.


Baby Bath: which body wash to choose

Where to take a baby bath

Indispensable for the bath is a baby tub that you can buy in stores or e-commerce that sell items for children. Today there are various models: from those suitable for the bathtub, which can rest on appropriate supports, to those of suitable dimensions for the shower to those with a built-in changing table. They usually have ergonomic shapes and all have a hole for draining water, so it is better to place the little tub in the tub or in the shower tray, also to use the hand shower for rinsing.
If you do not have the tub, you can also do the bath in the sink of the bathroom, the important thing is that it is enough concave to hold about ten inches of water and that you use certain precautions to ensure that the child does not slip and get hurt.

What to use for the baby bath

What you need during and after the bath:

  • a light plastic jug, useful if you do not have a shower;
  • some water-proof toys that are used to distract in case of crying and tantrums;
  • a water thermometer only useful until you get used to hearing the right temperature;
  • a children's bubble bath (we'll talk about it in a separate paragraph) or rice starch;
  • a bathrobe for children or a soft towel with hood;
  • a multi speed/temperature hairdryer;
  • a baby cream for the body (optional);
  • a baby massage lotion (optional).


How to take a baby bath

The newborn, who is not able to sit yet, should not be left in the tub but he should be supported with a bent arm in a concave way, which must hold both the head and the back. When the baby has acquired a little more balance and can sit up, you can rest in the tray but, be careful, he should never be left alone! He must always be kept in a way that he does not slip or with a sharp movement does not completely end up in the water.
The water temperature of the bath must go from 32 to 36 ° C, and it must be measured with the appropriate thermometer, or, with the hand or the elbow, after having acquired a little practice, while that of the environment where you do the bath must be moderately warm, to avoid sudden changes that can cool the baby.

The baby bath with starch

The baby's skin is so delicate that initially it is enough to take a bath with water and rice starch: just dissolve a couple of tablespoons of starch in warm water then shake a little. It refreshes the skin and is therefore ideal for bathing especially in summer. Biricco Organic Rice Starch, for example, also contains organic Quince extract, an ingredient with a special emollient and soothing action, perfect for the delicate skin of the baby and tending to redness.

Baby Bath: the body wash after six months

The baby bath with body wash

There are many types of body washes for children. It is important to choose it natural and age-based: those indicated for children from 0 to 6 months, with a pH very similar to that of baby's skin and suitable both for body and hair of children. We recommend our Biricco Baby Cream Bath for Nappy Change, which is fragrance-free, to avoid any skin reactions, and it always contains organic quince, also ideal for washing after the nappy change.
Fill the palm of your hand with a little product and gently massage the baby's skin or hair. Then rinse thoroughly with the help of a shower and a gentle jet or with the help of the jug, pouring the water gradually, recline a little his head backwards and always pay attention to avoid letting the bubble bath go into the child's eyes (even if the bubble bath should not create tears).
It takes 5 minutes for the whole operation.
When the baby is older, from 6 months on, the bath can also last for 15 minutes, without going any further but always using a suitable bath foam that is gentle to the skin. It will be less complicated, because the child is in the water more willingly. In any case, the use of a Baby Hair and Body Wash, like ours, facilitates the venture! You can use a soft sponge on which dilute the product, to be gently massaged and then continue with the rinse.

What you need after the baby bath

After the bath...

Dry the baby with a bathrobe for children or a soft towel (there are also hoods), previously washed with a suitable laundry detergent for children's clothes. We recommend replacing the use of talcum powder with rice starch that naturally absorbs bath moisture, without clogging the pores of the skin, and gives a fresh relief that relaxes the baby a lot. In fact, it can also be used in cases of excessive sweating.
If necessary, quickly dry the hair with a hairdryer at moderate heat and low speed, keeping it detached from the current during the bath and away from the reach of the child during drying.
For a gentle massage on the baby's skin, which also encourages the baby sleep, you can use a cream or a body lotion (like our Biricco Body Cream, with organic Quince) or a vegetable oil (like our Mum and Baby Massage Oil, from cold-pressed and fragrance-free organic oils), massage gently his skin.


After all these attentions your child will be ready for a sweet sleep that will benefit you too! ;-)

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