From sunny Sicily, a true panacea for the skin!

From sunny Sicily, a true panacea for the skin!

When we start to think about sun, beaches and summer, what comes almost instinctively up to our minds are… sun care products! Today we would like to talk to you about a new and innovative ingredient we added to the array of our cosmetics’ precious components. This is an ingredient that enriches the newest after sun products of Rimini’s Summer Essentials line: the Prickly Pear!


The natural balance of our skin is guaranteed in constant presence of water, an essential element that our body demands in large quantities. However, under extremely hot conditions and sun exposure, our need for water is higher and the natural and simple act of drinking is not enough to keep our skin perfectly hydrated and protected. For this reason, we are urged to adopt some remedy…

Without going too far, we have examined the habits of Italian farmers to discover natural remedies for dehydrated and sun-irritated skin.


Exactly in hot and sunny Sicily, the Prickly Pear grows wild and is traditionally employed in rural culture as an emollient and anti-inflammatory remedy for skin.


So, in order to use ingredients available at a short distance, Officina naturae has specifically chosen the 100% Italian Prickly Pear extract, picked from wild plants and hand processed in Sicily, to give softening and calming properties to our new after sun products.


But let us better know this vegetable variety that grows ‘just around the corner’...


The Opuntia ficus-indica, commonly known as Indian Fig or Prickly Pear, is a plant that belongs to Cactaceae family, originally from Mexico but widespread in all the Mediterranean countries and in the temperate areas of Africa, Asia, Oceania and America.


It can be very easily recognized thanks to its large prickly pads, called cladodes, that branch up to 5 meters, and thanks to its red to orange fruits with coriaceous and prickly peel and sweet pulp, full of seeds.

The usage of this fruit in the culinary tradition of Mediterranean areas is noted, while the use of the other parts of this plant for different purposes is almost unknown.


The cladodes contain a gel with properties very similar to those of the better-known Aloe. In Sicilian rural culture, young pads were used – in some islands it is still done – as warm emollient applications. In addition, the gel was employed to cure skin injuries and ulcers, as well as a remedy to prevent gastrointestinal problems.


Recent studies on these precious parts of Prickly Pear have shown its fibre composition to be rich in polysaccharides, including mucilage and pectin, claimed to have antioxidant and reepithelizing actions, even greater than those of Hyaluronic Acid. Moreover, these molecules perform a protective function that contrasts inflammations, leaving skin hydrated and healthy.

Therefore, we selected the Sicilian Prickly Pear extract for the new after sun cosmetics (fluids and detergents) in order to ensure a fresh relief for reddened or stressed skin after sun exposure!


We can already make us prepared for the summer, and decide to pay special attention to our skin and the environment this year!

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