Our suggestions for a must-see in Greece!

Our suggestions for a must-see in Greece!

Going to Greece? Greece is a very special and breathtaking place with its constellation of fascinating islands, the wild nature and a crystalline sea. Anyway in you can not miss Alonissos, a little Sporades island.


We deeply recommend this island if you love nature and animals, because it is the perfect place to spot various marine species, such as migratory birds and dolphins, in the Alonissos National Marine Park.


Officina Naturae Sunscreens with the Alonissos National Marine Park on the background


This is one of the rare habitats where the Mediterranean Monk Seal lives and if you are lucky, as we were, you will get the chance to spot it! A marine species that has been living in our seas not long time ago and only recently it has been spotted around Italy. In the Aegean Sea, monk seals live in greater concentration: we are talking about 200 specimens of 700 survivors, whose less than 300 are in the Atlantic ocean.


Alonissos is a unique place to know all about the Mediterranean Monk Seal, because of MOM: an information point, little but full of accured information, where each tourist can see photos and videos. Then you can live a more direct and powerful experience…


At sunset, you can spot the transition of Monk Seal: the village that hosted us has a sighting space. You have to be patient and be there for more than one evening with binoculars, camera or also a good sight. A natural show for everyone, adults, teenagers and kids: we had the chance to meet them twice! It was a great emotion!


Another advice is to be guided by a naturalistic guide. He can take you to the discovery of the park’s flora and fauna and tell you everything about this place.


Rimini Sunscreens in Alonissos - Greece


We wanted to transmit the emotions we lived in this pristine and unique location in the world and we hope you can live them too with a recommendation: take Officina Naturae Sunscreens with you to enjoy the Mediterranean sun, without risks and respecting the precious marine heritage, and in the mean time you’ll take care of your skin!



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