How to choose the winter lip balm

How to choose the winter lip balm


Lips are the “the frame of our smile”, the expression of our feelings and a great sensorial carrier of emotions.
But they are also the most exposed part of our body to the atmospheric agents, because of their extremely delicate skin.

During the winter, lips are exposed to cold and bad weather (especially in mountain), they are more fragile, get dry and in some cases chapped: in this period we usually drink less water, in this way lips are the first part to show dehydration.
Morover, cold slows down the metabolism of our cells, weakens the skin’s defense and it exposes it to even more tarnishing stress and aging. So, we have to batten down the hatches! Do not risk to ruin your lips!

Burri Labbra Bio Officina Naturae ideali contro il freddo

The perfect remedy to protect the lips

The most pratical and immediate remedy to guarantee a constant hydration is the use of a good lip balm. Bring it always with you to apply it when you need during the day and right before sleeping.


Why using lip balm?

The lip balm is a butter stick that soothes the most dry and chapped lips: it creates a “barrier” that minimizes the normal hydration loss of lips’ skin.
This delicate body part that we use to talk, drink and eat, gets in constant contact with a product, that commonly is composed by wax (the “barrier” part) and mineral oils or gel of petrochemical origin (for the application of lip balm).
It is very difficult to find a balanced combination of these two parts, so a conventional lip balm could be too stiff or too greasy.

But we think that nobody will like applying a mineral oil or a petroleum-derived on his own lips! So…


It’s better to choose a natural lip balm!

Today it is possible to choose some valid totally natural alternatives to the conventional lip balms, like the Organic Lip Balm of Innovattivi line, they are Cosmos Certified and composed by 100% of natural ingredients!


The main ingredient of a lip balm

As always, if we choose for a lip balm with a good INCI (the ingredients list, obligatory for cosmetics), it is necessary to righ read the label and to verify  that there are not paraffin, silicones and synthetic preservants such as parabens.


So the choice will be a lip balm that contains a vegetable origin butter (or botanical butter), that means a trygliceride containing saturates and trans fats. It could derive from the greasy or from the oil extract of a fruit or a seed that melts at a temperature close to the body one and it is very soothing.


It can be combined with another lipid part, always vegetable origin, to reach a major nourishing power or to have a softer consistency.

The Officina Naturae Organic Lip Balm are characterized by two vegetable butters:


Burro Labbra Bio Mou ToffeeBurro Labbra Bio Mela Cotogna


Murumuru Butter

It is contained in the Quince and Toffee Lip Balms, its scientific name is Astrocaryum Murumuru Butter. It comes from a thorny plant, typical of the flooding woods of Andes or Amazonia, it grows near water and it reaches 10 metre of height with very large fronds. Its seeds, from where the butter comes, contain a big quantity of beta-carotene and fat acids including hyaluronic, myristic and oleic acid.

Murumuru butter is known for its soothing and nourishing action, as it creates a film that acts like a coutaneous barrier and it keeps the natural hydration of lips, protecting and making them shiny naturally.

Burro Labbra Bio Vaniglia

Cupuaçu Butter

It is contained in the Vanilla and Red Fruits Lip Balms, it is also known as Cupuassu Butter. It comes from the seeds of Theobroma Grandiflorum, origin in Central or South America. It is an shrub high 18 meters with heavy and big red-brown fruits that contain until five seeds (for a 50% butter). The butter is mostly used for a food use in the production of chocolate but the cosmetic use is very interesting for its hydrating properties, as it can keep big quantities of water. Moreover it has soothing, calmin and antioxidant qualities on skin.

Other precious ingredients of organic lip balms

The butter base of lip stick can be perfectly combined with other ingredients such as oils and vegetable extracts, whom function improves the efficacy of lip balm and the final result. Officina Naturae Organic Lip Balm have a mix of bioactivated vegetable oils, such as Almond, Borage, Linseed and Olive oils that quickly absorbes and it improves the elasticity of lips contour and it prevents the formation of anti-aesthetic wrinkles. Besides, the soothing Castor Oil helps to repair the chapped lips and the E Vitamin defends the skin cells from the reactivity of free radicals.

Burri Labbra Bio Officina Naturae per l'inverno


To who we suggest the Officina Naturae Organic Lip Balms

Our Lip Balms are suitable also for kids, as they have safe and 100% natural ingredients, and also for the tasty flavours!

They are for men and women because they have an opac finish perfect right before the lipstick and transparent for them who want hydrated and natural lips.

They are suitable also for them who has a vegan lifestyle, because they do not contain beeswax or other animal origin ingredients.


So, this winter, Officina Naturae Organic Lip Balms for everyone! ;-)

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