Taking care of kids: suggestions for a correct oral care

Taking care of kids: suggestions for a correct oral care

Who does not melt in front of the sweet smile of children? It wakes up in us the protection instinct for them and for their health! About this regard, let’s talk about the health of their teeth…

It is important preventing and taking care of the teeth’s baby health since the first years, as it is important, since from the tender age, starting to educate and teach them the oral care good habits. If you have kids, here following some advice.


How to care about your child's smile health

When to start washing baby’s teeth


Since the appearance of the first tooth (from the 4th month of life or even later), particular cares are not necessary, because bacterias, with which kids get in contact, do not take root easily to the gingival tissue, that continually evolves. When the first teeth appear, bacterias install permanently on their surface and it is helpful to cleanse them with a wipe gauze, rubbing on gingivas and teeth.
When the other milk teeth (from 1 to 2 years) appear, you can start using a toothbrush for kids, wipe with water and a little of toothpaste for kids. The use of the toothpaste in the correct dose will succeed when the baby will learn not to swallow it.

In the meantime it will be appropriate to avoid sugary products or sweets far from the mean meals, because acids from fermented sugars can create the insurgence of caries. It is necessary to debunk the belief that baby’s teeth are resistant to caries. Decayed milk teeth hurt like the adults’ ones! So, even by the second year is advisable a first dental visit.

How to explain to kid the correct oral care


Teaching how to wash teeth to kids is not so difficult! Kids tend to imitate adults, so it will happen that babies naturally will use toothbrush like parents learning from them in the bathroom. At first, for them it will be a funny game, then they will be happy to do it by themselves!
Then it would be possible to give them some more motivations to keep the mouth clean and teach them the right technique of brush, you can also ask to the family dentist who will explain to the baby the right moves in a funny way.


What type of toothbrush to choose for you baby


In the “game” of washing teeth, it can be funny to have a coloured toothbrush with a proportionate grip to the baby’s hand. Clearly, the first toothbrush should have soft bristles not to damage the enamel and the delicate gingivas of baby. If there are not particular exigencies by doctor, it is fine a manual toothbrush for kids in order to get the baby used to the brush moves.
In order not to lose the good habits, it is important to always bring with you, also during a travel, a simple kit with toothbrush and toothpaste, as the “Oral Baby” from the baby line Biricco: the baby toothbrushes of Officina Naturae are good for the kids oral care but also for the environment, their future heritage; the toothbrushes have the handle extracted from wood pulp (cellulose), that is a natural and renewable resource, it avoids the contamination by mould and bacterias, while other natural materials (like bamboo and wood) can develop!

Which is the best toothpaste for kids


At what age does the kid learn to use the toothpaste? At first, the kid does not know that the toothpaste is not edible. For this reason we suggest to choose a natural toothpaste, that is delicate and studied specifically for milk teeth and sensitive gingivas of kids but containing ingrendients that do not create possible problems in case of ingestion: just take a look to the label, especially to the INCI (the obligatory list of ingredients) and look for information and certifications about ingredients, better if vegetable origin and possibly from organic farming, like Gel Toothpaste for kids from the Biricco line. The important thing is to be guided by the right information: “with or without gluten” is a fake problem (following the guide line of AIC*); “with or without fluorine” is an aware choice (to evaluate with the doctor or the dentist), as the regulation CEE** indicates the maximum concentration of this mineral in cosmetics for 6+ years kids (015%), under this age it has to be administered under adult supervision.

Officina Naturae has created toothpaste for kids in pleasant flavours (Cherry and Strawberry) to encourage the good habits and with low abrasivity, not to damage the enamel and to avoid gingival irritations. They are enriched by lots of good vegetable extracts, including the Italian organic Quince. For the parents who want to choose safe products for the environment, we have excluded colorants, SLS - SLES and fluorine. The toothpastes for kids Biricco are Nickel Tested, homeocompatible and made in Italy.


Choose to protect the wonderful smile of our kids and their future world! ;-)





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